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Customised Spa Capsules Treatments

Truly ancient spa solutions to modern problems Experience the enjoyable SlimLine weight management program to the Fountain of Youth body slimming, shaping and skin smoothing. Each treatment ritual is created to meet the specific needs, lifestyle and desires of the individual.

Approx. 150mins

Fountain of Youth Ultimate Indulgence

Indulge in a unique experience that promises the ultimate in luxury and opulence. The Spa-Jet concept product range which is known for its purity, potency and therapeutic qualities will be used in this signature ritual. A truly harmonizing experience that commences with Hydrofusion™, the blending of 2-heat technologies – steam and far infrared heat to optimise body cleansing, moisturising, and the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care, following a soothing exfoliation and true hydro-massage therapy, via Vichy shower and under-body water massage, creating an unparalleled spa experience. The enrapturing sensation of the advanced LED based Colorbath™ Chromotherapy System, mixing mood with aromatherapy and sound, work together in harmony to create a truly extravagance and memorable experience. At the same time, relax and allow your therapist to select a facial specifically designed to suit your individual needs.

Approx. 90mins

Ancient Hydrospa with Modern Technologies

Add a facial session with this treatment
A journey of total indulgence to restore and balance mind, body and soul. Begin with a soothing body exfoliation and a skin hydrator envelopment to nourish and harmonize the body and mind followed by an infused essential oil steam session using moist heat which gently softens the skin as it opens pores and stimulates perspiration encouraging elimination of toxins. A light mist is instantly dispersed over the body, dispensing vitamins and minerals into the mist stream allowing skin to transdermally drink up the nourishment and protection of powerful anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals. Complete the session with a 360 degree Vichy shower spray and under-body water massage.

Approx. 90mins

SlimLine POD O2 Deluxe

Add a facial session with this treatment
Slim Line offers a luxurious and wonderful personal sanctuary. This unique exercise pod is the perfect complement to a weight loss diet and is exclusively based on natural therapies and spa-based treatments. Metabolic Weightloss Pod. SlimLine helps you exercise and achieve harmony of body and mind for optimum health and balance. You will be exquisitely pampered, profoundly relaxed and totally beautified by the soothing sessions of SlimLine. SlimLine sessions combine the power of massage and the beautifying power of pure and natural aromas and their action on emotions and the psyche for a truly powerful and unique sensory experience. This uniquely formulated program allows fat to be burned at a higher rate and redundant excess skin from weight loss will be tightened. Fine lines and signs of photo-aging will be reduced and new cell growth enhanced. The facial system also provides additional facial slimming, tightening and anti-aging benefits.

Choose from one of the below treatments:

Swedish Miracle Body Wrap

Widely recognized as the world's leading body wrap, Swedish Miracle's dramatic results speak for itself from inch loss and skin tightening to diminished body lines and skin softening.  This wonderful wrap contains nature's finest ingredients to achieve superior beauty results. Benefits of this treatment are to refine skin texture, aid in the elimination of toxins, and tone the body.

Seaweed Body Mask

The world's most vitamin and mineral rich seaweed harvested for Eroma's Seaweed Body Mask. This treatment revitalizes and moisturizes the skin with vital amino nutrients extracted from vitamin-rich broad leaf seaweed.  This special seaweed gives the skin greater pliability and improves elasticity, increases microcirculation and metabolism and enhances slimming and weight loss. Benefits of this treatment are to stimulate collagen and elastin, vitamin-rich nourishment, and anti-aging.

Approx. 90mins

Alpha Spa System

This treatment promotes a natural cleansing of the skin and body through a dry heat sauna. The contoured ergonomic bed, gentle massage, restful music and mild aromas created within the capsule will allow you to completely relax in the experience. Aside from being a totally relaxing treatment, body wraps have rejuvenating effects to the skin, with the detoxifying properties of the creams used during the body wrapping process.

The result is smoother, suppler skin with the additional bonus of reduced cellulites. After the treatment, you will get to enjoy the results of a more toned body because the sagging skin and muscles will be tightened. In addition, the appearance of cellulites will greatly decrease. A course of treatments is recommended to maximise the effects. Choose your favourite body scrub and wrap to enhance this treatment.

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