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Aesthetic Facials

Babor Anti-Oxidant Pomegranate Facial

Approx. 75mins


This treatment quenches your skin's thirst and binds moisture. A triple hydro-power facial with Mexican cactus and anti-oxidant rich pomegranate extracts to replenish the skin's reservoirs. Hyaluronic acid binds the moisture, leaving your skin to feel silky soft and brighten up with long-lasting effect. Suitable for all skin types especially summer-lovers.

Babor Calming Sensitive Facial

Approx. 75mins


Soothe extreme skin promisingly and subside irritations, redness, tingling and tightness. The skin feels calm and relaxed. This facial also moisturizes dry areas of skin thoroughly with a long-lasting effect, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth again. BABOR Calming Sensitive products are free of colorants, fragrance, emulsifier and preservatives. Under dermatological tests under controlled conditions, and produced in line with pharmaceutical norms with skin-identical PH.

Approx. 75mins

Babor Skin Perfect Clarifying Facial


A result-centric facial for acne and oily skin. It balances out blemishes and irritations. BABOR's Pure Fluid &/or Skin Perfect Fluid with wheat protein, sulphate sodium & tea tree oils inhibit the spreading of acne bacteria. The fluid contains a natural sugar compound in an intelligent active system to promote the growth of healthy bacteria to naturally clear oil impurities and clogs. Microspheres made of wheat protein in a lipid matrix remove unwanted shine, tighten the pores and regulates sebum secretion.

Approx. 75mins

Babor Derma Refiner Natural Skin Renew Facial


Client would not have to rely on conventional acids anymore. BABOR's DERMA REFINER does not affect the skin PH level of 5-6, because it activates natural processes. DERMA REFINER reliefs on highly effective Perfection Peptide P3, which enables an exceptionally gentle yet deep-reaching peeling without damaging the skin. The peptide reaches significantly deeper than conventional mechanical and biological peelings and accelerates the skin's own exfoliation process in the outermost layers of the epidermis to lighten pigments, wrinkles, fine lines, rough skin & open pores.

Approx. 90mins

Babor Biomatrix Collagen Age-Reverse Facial


This facial creates a firm, regular collagen structure, giving you skin a visibly firmer and smooth appearance. Marine collagen from tripeptide (amino acid chains stimulates and creates a firm collagen structure under dermis to firm the skin instantly. Arabic gum tree extract and aloe vera supplies moisture and soothes skin irritations. For all skin types include extreme sensitive and aids healing.

Approx. 75mins

Babor Man Energy Time Out Facial


Babor man uses special ingredients which tap into this potential of immeasurable energy- for the benefit of your skin. Boosting the skin resistance with active ingredients from Taurec, Hops and Siberian Ginseng which have a highly regenerating effect on the skin that accelerate wound healing in the event of micro cuts caused by shaving as much as 150 percent.

Signature Professional Face Treatments

Approx. 90mins

BelleWave White-Neurogist Express Lightening Expert Treatment

A treatment that is light years ahead of its time, this five steps whitening program ensures immediate results with its complex of 7 potent whitening actives that intensively corrects yellowish, dull and uneven skin tones. Stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne scar marks are lightened for an illuminated complexion. At the heart of the powerful treatment is Nobel Prize discovery ingredient – DiamondLite 60 – with 125 times stronger antioxidant powers than Vitamin C. NeuroEase, an innovative tri-peptide formulated to soothe neurogenic inflammation, calms skin and reinforces its defense barrier against melanin stimulants.

Approx. 90mins

BelleWave Stem-Cellogist Professional

This five steps comprehensive treatment uses cultured Botanical Stem Cells combined with powerful actives that intensively revives dull and listless skin, corrects photo-aged skin, fine lines, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Acting on the cellular level, skin is granted lasting youth.

Approx. 90mins

Casmara Laser Botox Treatment

Achieve a “lasered look” and “BOTOX” effect without using any machine or injection. Suitable for all skin types of any age which needs firming, strengthening and reduction in lines on the face and neck. This treatment helps greatly with skin elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Recommended to be used in between Laser or IPL treatments, Botox, and Fillers treatments to extend their effects. This is a potent treatment that can effectively give the skin a laser as well as skin clarity and lines reduction. It's also suitable for pregnant ladies as well as people that are fearful of machine treatments.

Approx. 90mins

Casmara Oil Control and Acne Management Treatment

Get an oil controlled effect that will last one an average of 2 weeks. Recommended for oily or acneic skins that want to achieve a matte (sebum control) and clear complexion. For matifying results that can make your make up last longer, use this treatment either once weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Over time, this treatment can help to regulate sebum control. For acneic skin, this treatment can help to dry up the bumps and reduce the incidence of clogs. With its detoxification ability, this treatment will help working adults manage their acne conditions better. At the same time, this treatment also helps to keep their complexion matte (not dehydrated).

Approx. 90mins

Casmara GOJI Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Treatment

Recommended for dry and matured skin which needs total regeneration or revitalization. Currently, this treatment is very sellable in Japan. For anti-aging, the most powerful facial treatments available in the market are either green tea or GOJI. This is a potent treatment that contains both GOJI and green tea that can effectively give the skin a laser and with extra anti-aging care (with potent antioxidants from Green Tea). Regular treatments can prevent the signs of aging.

Approx. 90mins

Casmara Lightening and Impactful Lifting Treatment (with Botox and Fillers Effect)

This treatment can be used to treat melasma or general pigmentation concerns. It has a very strong ability to lighten old or newly formed pigmentations. At the same time, it can also lift up the skin (especially the chin, eyes and laugh lines area) thus creating a nicely sculptured face after just one treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles on the face also appear smoothened out. Best of all, the face looks glowing, visibly fairer as well as plumped up with suppleness (press on your skin to feel the bounce and soft effect!) after 1 treatment.

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